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Building Surveying Solutions

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Residential Properties

Building Surveying Solutions can offer their services to help with the following residential properties:




Building Survey Report

If you are buying a second hand house then having a thorough building inspection undertaken is going to be essential. Using Building Surveying Solutions you will receive a comprehensive, cost effective and professional report.


For us an inspection of an average 3 bed semi detached house will typically take 3 hours because will not rush something that our clients will rely on and which may form the basis of a decision which is usually the biggest investment of their lives.


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Home Buyers Report

The Home Buyer Survey Report was designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as a cost effective and simple to follow report format which focuses on essentials items and defects.


It allows a purchaser to reach an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase of the property and what is a reasonable price to pay for the property.


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Defects Analysis Report

Are you worried about a specific defect with your property such as dampness, cracking associated with suspected structural movement, woodworm, condensation, mould growth or timber decay?


If so then as Chartered Building Surveyors we are specifically trained in the subjects of building pathology and construction technology and using these skills we can inspect your property and discover the cause and recommend a solution usually within a few hours.


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Simple Improvement Measures

It is possible to easily undertake an audit of your house which will identify areas which could be improved and thereby saving you money. By simply reducing draughts this could account for 5% to 30% in energy savings !!


Firstly you should consider employing Building Surveying Solutions to perform a full audit. Alternatively you can walk around your home and identify any holes or gaps which allow in draughts (around waste pipes, gaps around doors, attic hatch etc).


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