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Building Survey Report


If you are buying a second hand house then having a thorough building inspection undertaken is going to be essential. Using Building Surveying Solutions you will receive a comprehensive, cost effective and professional report. For us an inspection of an average 3 bed semi detached house will typically take 3 hours because will not rush something that our clients will rely on and which may form the basis of a decision which is usually the biggest investment of their lives.


Unfortunately there are a number of unqualified, uninsured individuals offering to inspect your potential new home who are not regulated or even trained to undertake house surveys. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”.


As Chartered Building Surveyors we are obliged to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and as part of our service we are happy to speak with our clients to explain any defects found during our inspection together with any implications.


One final point to raise is that our reports are so detailed they are offen used as negotiate tools to reduce the purchase price based on the defects found.


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