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Simple Improvement Measures


It is possible to easily undertake an audit of your house which will identify areas which could be improved and thereby saving you money. By simply reducing draughts this could account for 5% to 30% in energy savings !!

How do I do this?


Firstly you should consider employing Building Surveying Solutions to perform a full audit. Alternatively you can walk around your home and identify any holes or gaps which allow in draughts (around waste pipes, gaps around doors, attic hatch etc). Once you have completed this exercise you can fill the gaps with suitable material, such as caulking. Please note that passive ventilation must be maintained to ensure a healthy home so vents must not be blocked up. This is the first step in saving you money.



A roof should be insulated as the greatest percentage of heat loss from a property is through the roof. Simple improvement measures to the roof are as follows:


  • Ensure the roof space, including cheeks to any Velux windows, are insulated
  • Ensure perimeter ventilation is maintained to prevent condensation related defects
  • The attic access hatch should be insulated and draught proofed




Un-insulated external walls can be thermally improved however this requires more extensive and expensive remedial works such as:


  • Dry lining the external walls or insulating them with composite plasterboard.
  • Cavity wall fill (if there is a cavity) and there are no underlying damp problems.
  • You should ensure passive ventilation is maintained to all rooms




Existing windows can be improved by simple measures such as draught proofing the perimeter of the opening sash.

In general the replacement of existing windows should be considered where the windows are decayed or in a poor state of repair. In this case double, or even triple glazed, window units should be inserted.



The services in your property (the boiler and controls, water heating, lighting etc) can account for a large percentage of the energy use and waste. You should consider the following measures to help reduce energy use:


  • Have modern boiler controls and timer
  • Turn down the heating to 20°C
  • Have a good well fitting lagging jacket to the hot water cylinder
  • Replacing standard lamps with energy efficient bulbs (CLF)




Use lower washing machine temperature, only boil as much water in your kettle as required, don’t waste water, turn off the heating when not required, turn off appliances when not required etc.


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